Getting Silly!!


Yesterday was about goals, but I didn’t want them to think that the whole summer was going to be serious! Today I went with a more creative feel. The boys started out with their workbooks first today, I think they just really wanted to get them out of the way. A got a bit frustrated because the books are teaching him cursive writing (something that is NOT taught in the schools here, but I feel is an important skill to learn). After the grumblings of having to “learn a new way to write”, it was time to crack open the writing journals. Today’s topic was super silly and encouraged the boys to write a fictional paragraph. Each boy had to start off their journal entry with “Today the dog took the car for a joyride…” Both boys came up with very imaginative responses and even wrote more than the few sentences that I requested!
Then we moved on the electronics. Now, before anyone freaks out, I was (technically still am) a substitute teacher for the boys’ school district. I know which sites the school has the children use during their computer lab times (ask your child’s teacher for ideas, 9 times out of 10 the sites are completely FREE). One of them is if you have never checked it out, I highly recommend it. It has site word bingo, math games, reading games, and even grammar based games and all of them are arranged by the child’s grade level. I am having the boys play the games for the level that they are entering, so that way the games are a bit more challenging.

After lunch (and a call to maintenance for a backed up AC), we decided to finish up with some Art. When I was substituting for an art class, I was inspired by this one teacher’s fantastic idea of coloring Lego people. The classes that participated in this activity loved it, so I figured that my boys might as well. I scoured the internet to find the coloring sheets, and found them! You can download your very own PDF for this project at The Happily Uprooted Blog.


Lego People

The boys’ Lego People

Lego Woman

Even Mom got into the fun!


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