The Tuesday Cleverly Disguised as a Monday


Today was a bit hectic to say the very least.  I started a new job working from home as a Freelance Paralegal.  It just took my juggling act up a notch as I now try to keep the kids busy and quiet while Daddy is sleeping and Mommy is on the phone with a Judge.  They did really well today, I was pretty impressed, I just hope it keeps up.

Both boys are in a routine now that it is the second week.  After breakfast, K passed out the work books and the journals.  I had written the writing topic on the white board in the kitchen, so they knew right away what they were suppose to do.  The topic today was “If I was a superhero..”  and it was to encourage them to think creatively.  Both of them even drew a picture of their superhero without me having to tell them.   They came up with some neat ideas and A even gave his character a backstory!

After they had finished up, it was time for me to go into an online video meeting.  The boys were really good about heading into their bedrooms to finish up their library books from last Monday while I worked.  I got worried about halfway through because I did not hear a peep out of them!  They were so good that they had even rounded up all the books and put them neatly back into the library bag.  So, after we ate a bit of lunch, I figured that it was a good time to head back up to the library for some more reading material.  This momma loves quiet learning!!


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