A Patriotic Lesson


Flag day was last weekend, and I missed it.  It isn’t a major holiday, so the kids didn’t seem to mind (now if I had missed Halloween or Christmas, we would have had a problem)!  I happened to come across a pretty neat documentary on the Smithsonian channel called “A Star Spangled History” that I was able to record.  The kids watched it today, and they actually liked it.  It was the story of our National Anthem and even showed the flag that was the inspiration for the poem that is currently housed in the Smithsonian.it was very interesting, and both boys actually thought that it was really neat.

Went worked on page 8 in the workbooks and then went into the journals.  The topic for today was the “the best day ever!”  A chose to wrote about our last vacation when we went to Busch Gardens and he got to ride his very first roller coaster.  K blew my mind and wrote about how it was his wish to go and visit the Smithsonian in DC to see all the National Treasures.  It really made my heart burst!  I love the fact that my kids have a joy for learning about the world around them!


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