Museum Day!!


I love Fridays… work is crazier because it is so close to the weekend, but the day is normally swift and there is the added bonus of the weekend right around the corner.  The boys have begun sleeping in a bit more more now which is wonderful.  I get a bit of quiet time to myself to get some much needed work completed.

Today I rushed them a bit to complete their work.  I had a surprise for after lunch, so I wanted to make sure that they were able to complete their work and their chores in time.  They swiftly worked on their work books and completed Day 15 in no time.  Then we moved on to the journals in which they wrote about one thing that they liked about the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum that we had looked at yesterday.

Once lunch was over, I spilled the surprise.  We were headed to the local art museum to check out their latest exhibits.  The Polk Museum of Art is rather small, but they have some pretty neat stuff right now.  Admission was free (Currently they are offering free admission on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, but this may change in the future.  Please check their website for current specials or deals), so my wallet remained silent for the entire trip.  The largest exhibit currently is regarding skateboarding, so it was pretty cool to look at all the neat art on something as simple as a skateboard.


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