Science Time!! Water, Water Everywhere!


Science day!!  Always tons of fun for the kiddos.  I decided to work on the water cycle, because it ties into a paper that I am currently writing for my class, and I came across several neat ideas for experiments in my research.  So, after the boys had worked day 12 in the workbooks, I opened up the topic with their journal.  The topic today was “Why is water important?”  The boys talked about how their bodies are made mostly of water and how rain is important to plants.

We then moved on to watching Bill Nye the Science Guy’s episode “The Water Cycle”.  I was able to find the entire episode (commercial free) on youtube.  You can watch it free here.  The boys really like Bill Nye.  It is fun, and it gives me the giggles because it reminds me of being a kid in the 1990’s.  For example, the water cycle song, is done to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

Next, we decided to do a neat science experiment to drive home the idea of the water cycle.  It was really easy, and all the ingredients you can find in your kitchen.  You need 1 large clear glass bowl, 1 small glass bowl, plastic wrap, 1 teaspoon of salt, water and ice.  The whole thing takes about 10 minutes and was pretty neat.  You can watch the experiment on youtube.  This video goes step by step on how to “make it rain” in the bowl.  Our experiment was successful, as we got a small amount of rain in the little bowl.


Our water cycle experiment

Our water cycle experiment!


A Virtual Field Trip


I was really excited for today. I spent 2 hours last night checking out our virtual field trip and I could hardly sleep a wink. The boys had no clue what was up, all I told them was that there was a surprise once they completed their assignments for the day. First they finished up day 11 in their workbooks and then moved on to the writing journals. Today’s topic was to write a story with a ninja cat. K was so excited for the surprise that he didn’t get as creative as usual, which was kind of a let down, but I guess we can’t expect an awesome story everyday.
Finally, it was time! I had picked the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. K had mentioned in an earlier journal how much he wanted to visit the museum. Washington DC is quite a few miles from us, and would require a hotel stay, so it is out for a weekend trip. Since I am I class all summer, we don’t have the time available for a proper family vacation, so I thought this would be the next best thing. It is completely free, no crowds, no snacks to pack, and no worries about where to eat. The perfect trip if you ask me!

If anyone knows of any additional virtual tours, please let me know as I would love to do some more virtual field trips!



Yea!! It is Friday and I can’t be happier. Tomorrow is K’s 6th Birthday Party, so most of our day was spent cleaning and the decorating the house for the party tomorrow afternoon.

We did day 10’in the workbooks and then moved on to writing in our journals. Today’s topics was “what is your favorite summer activity?” I decided to make it a rather laid back day because of all of the excitement on Saturday.

The Weekend is Almost Here!!


Today was gorgeous, scorching, but gorgeous none the less. We made it to the pool today and had the whole place to ourselves for over an hour.  I noticed that most people are gone right now for vacation, so we are enjoying ourselves at home and hitting all the normally crowded places.  We are on a cleaning spree right now because of K’s birthday party this weekend.  It is so hard to believe that he is going to be 6 in just a few days!!  He has grown and learned is much in such a short amount of time.

Today was day 9 in the workbooks.  The boys are really kicking butt and get right into.  They finish in less than 5 minutes now, and then they are off to the journals.  Today I asked them to write about flags.  If you had a flag what would it look like?  What would it symbolize?  Where and when would you show it?  A was a bit more into it than K and went into the reasons we use to flags.  K was more interested in drawing and designing a super cool flag.

The difficulty for me is coming up with ideas that will work for both kids at their level.  A is a more logical and analytical individual where as K is more imaginative and a real out off the box thinker.  Don’t get me wrong, they are both extremely creative, but not in the same way.  Their ages also play a factor, as I have to explain many of the topics to K because he doesn’t quite understand what I am asking, whereas other times A gets frustrated that a topic is too “baby.”  So if anyone has any good writing topics, feel free to shoot them my way. 🙂

A Patriotic Lesson


Flag day was last weekend, and I missed it.  It isn’t a major holiday, so the kids didn’t seem to mind (now if I had missed Halloween or Christmas, we would have had a problem)!  I happened to come across a pretty neat documentary on the Smithsonian channel called “A Star Spangled History” that I was able to record.  The kids watched it today, and they actually liked it.  It was the story of our National Anthem and even showed the flag that was the inspiration for the poem that is currently housed in the was very interesting, and both boys actually thought that it was really neat.

Went worked on page 8 in the workbooks and then went into the journals.  The topic for today was the “the best day ever!”  A chose to wrote about our last vacation when we went to Busch Gardens and he got to ride his very first roller coaster.  K blew my mind and wrote about how it was his wish to go and visit the Smithsonian in DC to see all the National Treasures.  It really made my heart burst!  I love the fact that my kids have a joy for learning about the world around them!

The Tuesday Cleverly Disguised as a Monday


Today was a bit hectic to say the very least.  I started a new job working from home as a Freelance Paralegal.  It just took my juggling act up a notch as I now try to keep the kids busy and quiet while Daddy is sleeping and Mommy is on the phone with a Judge.  They did really well today, I was pretty impressed, I just hope it keeps up.

Both boys are in a routine now that it is the second week.  After breakfast, K passed out the work books and the journals.  I had written the writing topic on the white board in the kitchen, so they knew right away what they were suppose to do.  The topic today was “If I was a superhero..”  and it was to encourage them to think creatively.  Both of them even drew a picture of their superhero without me having to tell them.   They came up with some neat ideas and A even gave his character a backstory!

After they had finished up, it was time for me to go into an online video meeting.  The boys were really good about heading into their bedrooms to finish up their library books from last Monday while I worked.  I got worried about halfway through because I did not hear a peep out of them!  They were so good that they had even rounded up all the books and put them neatly back into the library bag.  So, after we ate a bit of lunch, I figured that it was a good time to head back up to the library for some more reading material.  This momma loves quiet learning!!

Daddy Day

K writing in his journal

K writing in his journal

Today was my first that I had to attend class at the University.  I had to leave the boys after lessons today and head to class.  They finished day 6 and then moved on the journals.  Today’s topic was “What I want to be when I grow up…” A chose to write about being a firefighter, while K’s goal involved me spelling words like Paleontologist, Megalodon, and fossil.  Next, K worked on his handwriting on the iPad, while A practiced his math facts drills.  His 3rd grade Alpha Math Teacher gave me this awesome site that allows me to create math drills for him over the summer.  You can get your own at!  After lessons the boys had fun with Daddy while I sat through a boring lecture. 🙂