Science Time!! Water, Water Everywhere!


Science day!!  Always tons of fun for the kiddos.  I decided to work on the water cycle, because it ties into a paper that I am currently writing for my class, and I came across several neat ideas for experiments in my research.  So, after the boys had worked day 12 in the workbooks, I opened up the topic with their journal.  The topic today was “Why is water important?”  The boys talked about how their bodies are made mostly of water and how rain is important to plants.

We then moved on to watching Bill Nye the Science Guy’s episode “The Water Cycle”.  I was able to find the entire episode (commercial free) on youtube.  You can watch it free here.  The boys really like Bill Nye.  It is fun, and it gives me the giggles because it reminds me of being a kid in the 1990’s.  For example, the water cycle song, is done to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

Next, we decided to do a neat science experiment to drive home the idea of the water cycle.  It was really easy, and all the ingredients you can find in your kitchen.  You need 1 large clear glass bowl, 1 small glass bowl, plastic wrap, 1 teaspoon of salt, water and ice.  The whole thing takes about 10 minutes and was pretty neat.  You can watch the experiment on youtube.  This video goes step by step on how to “make it rain” in the bowl.  Our experiment was successful, as we got a small amount of rain in the little bowl.


Our water cycle experiment

Our water cycle experiment!


A Stormy Day Lesson


Today was rather difficult to get outside like I had planned. It seemed like every time we went to put our shoes on to go out to play the sky opened up or there was a loud clap of thunder. Thankfully I had planned on discussing storms as part of the science lesson today, so the outdoors was a wonderful exhibit.

We started the day by completing Day 3 in the work books. There was no cursive writing today, so A was a happy kid. Instead we discussed different types of sentences. K’s page was rather simple because it was the letter “C”, since he is already reading basic books, letters are “easy peasy.” The boys really enjoyed writing a fiction paragraph yesterday, so I continued the theme. The topic was a story starring their Lego people that they colored in yesterday. True to form, they both came up with some real cool stories.

As I stated earlier, storms were the topic for today. I wanted to really cover Hurricanes with the kids. We live in a hurricane prone area, and neither one of the boys has actually been through anything larger than a Category 1, so the thought of a hurricane can be rather scary. We started out by watching Bill Nye the Science Guy-“Storms”. I found the video on YouTube and it is the complete episode without commercials. Then we went to our local new station website and watched a video on how we can prepare for a hurricane. We went over the hurricane prep list and discussed why each of the items was needed and how much we as a family would need to acquire. You can find the list at the Bay News 9 website.

A is also in charge of tracking the storms each day on his very own hurricane tracking map. I printed it out from the NOAA website, the numbers are rather small and hard to read. Normally the local stores have maps and “hurricane season guides” out in the stores, but I haven’t seen any so far. Honestly, it scares me that so many people in the area are completely unprepared because it has been 10 years since we have had a hurricane, and the community has become rather comfortable. So far there is nothing in the Gulf or the Atlantic, but that has a habit of swiftly changing at a moment’s notice.

Hurricane Tracking Map

A’s Hurricane Tracking Map