The Fountain of Youth


Ah yes, the Fountain of Youth.  Ponce DeLeon began the search  over 500 years ago, and lets face we are still looking for it today in every jar of age defying creme or a bottle of viagra.  On Monday we had discussed Ponce DeLeon and his futile search for the mythical fountain, so I decided to have their journal follow suit.  After completion of Day 17 of the workbook it was time was write, and today’s topic was “What would you do if you discovered the Fountain of Youth?”

The boys, who currently enjoy the wonders of youth did not seem to care about saving any for themselves.  Instead one considered selling it and using the money to buy video games, where another decided it would be far better to build a museum around it and allow people to come and drink it.  The question is….. What would you do if you discovered the Fountain of Youth?




Yea!! It is Friday and I can’t be happier. Tomorrow is K’s 6th Birthday Party, so most of our day was spent cleaning and the decorating the house for the party tomorrow afternoon.

We did day 10’in the workbooks and then moved on to writing in our journals. Today’s topics was “what is your favorite summer activity?” I decided to make it a rather laid back day because of all of the excitement on Saturday.